University of Colorado Boulder, USA
Ph.D., Linguistics, expected 2020
M.A., Linguistics, 2015

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
B.A. (First Class Honours), Linguistics & Multilingual Studies

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Khoo, V. (2019). “Ownself Check Ownself”: The Role of Singlish Humor in the Rise of the Opposition Politician in Singapore. Colorado Research in Linguistics 24. [Download]

Stenzel, K. & Khoo, V. (2016). Linguistic hybridity: a case study in the Kotiria community. Critical Multilingualism Studies. 4(2), 75-110. [Download]

Khoo, V. (2015). Simultaneous Indexicalities: Linguistic Variation in Political Speech in Singapore. Texas Linguistics Forum 58: 71-80. Proceedings of the 23rd Annual Symposium about Language and Society in Austin, April 17-18, 2015. [Download]


Society for Linguistic Anthropology Inaugural Spring Meeting
8th – 10th March 2018 @ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Panel co-organizer – English’s Others: Problems with ‘Complexity’ and ‘Hybridity’
Presenter – Tidying up” hybridity: the enregisterment of Singlish through metadiscourse

116th American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting
29th Nov – 3rd December 2017 @ Washington, D.C.
Presenter – The enregisterment of Singlish through the listening subject

15th International Pragmatics Association Conference
16th – 21st July 2017 @ Belfast, Northern Ireland
Presenter – The role of Singlish humor in the rise of the opposition in Singapore

12th Singapore Graduate Forum on Southeast Asian studies
24th – 28th July 2017 @ Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore
Presenter – The role of Singlish humor in the rise of the opposition in Singapore

114th American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting
18-22 November 2015 @ Denver, Colorado
Panel Organizer — Localizing globalization: Language in the nation-state
Presenter — The listening subject in defining the Singapore politician

WAIL (Workshop on American Indigenous Languages)
8-9 May, 2015 @ UC Santa Barbara, California
Co-Presenter — Linguistic hybridity in the Kotiria community
(with Dr Kristine Stenzel, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)

SALSA XXIII (23rd Symposium about Language and Society-Austin): Language and Borders
17-18 April, 2015 @ UT Austin, Texas
Presenter — Simultaneous indexicalities: Linguistic variation in political speech in Singapore

Dialogue in multilingual, multimodal and multicompetent communities of practice workshop
22-24 March, 2013 @ UT Austin, Texas
Presenter — Identity construction in conversation: the sia particle in Singapore Colloquial English